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“For several decades, development agencies have placed great emphasis
on primary and, more recently, secondary education. But they have
neglected tertiary education as a means to improve economic growth and
mitigate poverty… Knowledge-based competition within a globalizing
economy is prompting a fresh consideration of the role of higher
education in development and growth.” World Bank. (Bloom, Canning and
Chan: Harvard University). Higher Education and Development in Africa.
February 2006.
Trainers & Allied Workers Union (TAWU) is the occupational,
national union for tertiary education, vocational training,
research & allied institutions with about 2,500 members in 85
public and private universities, colleges and research centres.

TAWU is a dual purpose (professional & industrial) union, with a
specialised mandate for the sector. We organise trainers,
researchers, consultants, core business support and
administration/general support staff. The emerging knowledge
industry has over 10,000 employees, in government, parastatal
and private institutions.
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